Tips for the Beginners

Want to try Mountain Biking but dont want to spend the money. Try renting first and test out the ride. YeRen Outdoor Adventure rents Mountain Bikes. Located in downtown Richmond, Va.

In the beginning, there was the Mountain Bike...

And one of the most frustrating things about starting, is what kind of gear do I need, besides the Mountain Bike and Helmet! Well, here is list of things to think about having with you before you leave the other world behind:


1)Pump- vital- don't leave home without it. Nothing else matters if you don't have your pump. Most innner tubes are presta value and gas stations don't have that kind of adapter. Try to find one with the most volume



2)Inner Tubes- The trick most people run into and don't expect is the size of the inner tube. The size of the tube does matter! Look at your tire size(the 26 x ? number on the side of the tire). It is the ? number that is important. Make sure the tire is within the range on the inner tube. And don't forget presta(funny looking) or shrader(car tire)


3)Tire Levers-They come in sets of three. You need these!




4)Multi-Tool-Very handy when you are in the middle of nowhere.




5)Hydration System- Very Important!! A water bottle will do but we are all about immediate gratification and a hydration pack is perfect. You can carry everything in it and you won't have to think about it.



6)Patch Kit- a good thing to have and it takes up no space. IF it is a simple single puncture flat it is probably better to patch than replace. Save your tube for those pinch flats!



7)Dollar Bill- You may have thought of this and good. Sometimes your tire will blowout. Not the inner tube but the actual tire. Well, when you take out the old inner tube, place a dollar bill on the inside of your tire where the blow out is. Then put the new inner tube in and inflate. This should hold you until you get back home or to the car.

8)Things of Comfort-not necessity but comfort.

Gloves- they help absorb some the vibrations of the trail. Also, they give you a place to wipe your brow.


Jersey- Riding Jerseys are helpful but not necessary. They usually have three pockets in the back for hauling gear. The fabric also transfers sweat better than cotton t-shirts.



Pants-Riding Pants are helpful but not necessary, also. They are tight fitting and, at first, awkward. The upside is that they don't get in the way like baggy shorts can. Also, you can get them with pads!!! And that is enough said right there...










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